About Us

At YSA Education, we believe that education is the foundation of a successful society. YSA Education was born out of a desire to make a difference in education recruitment. Founded by recruiters who wanted to break the agency mould and gain the moral high ground within the industry. Our mission is to help schools and educators thrive by creating the perfect match.

We are not your traditional recruitment agency, you will not find us in a high rise office in a city centre. We do things differently. Our head office is based in a converted barn nestled in the picturesque Warwickshire countryside. As you approach the office, you are greeted by rolling green fields. Our idyllic office provides a harmonious blend of productivity and relaxation. It’s a place where creativity can flourish, collaboration can thrive, and work can be truly enjoyable amidst the tranquillity of the countryside setting.

Our dedicated team has over 130 years combined experience in the education recruitment sector and several members of the team have hands on classroom experience. This gives us the experience and expertise to recruit the right people for the right schools.


Meet The Team

Canine Colleagues

Meet Leo, Lola and Tetley the adorable office dogs who brighten up the workplace with their friendly and playful nature.

Our YSA Education dogs are well-trained and incredibly well-behaved, making them a joy to have in the workplace. Their presence has a calming effect on the office environment, reducing stress and encouraging team bonding. They’ve become an integral part of the office culture, bringing joy, comfort, and a furry dose of happiness to everyone lucky enough to work with them.



Leo is a charming yellow Labrador, with a striking golden coat that gleams under the office lights. He has a heartwarming smile that instantly puts everyone at ease. Leo is the epitome of a gentle giant, with a calm and patient demeanour that makes him an absolute delight to be around. He enjoys lounging around the office, keeping an eye on things and spreading positive vibes with his wagging tail.



Lola, on the other hand is the embodiment of boundless energy and enthusiasm, always ready to play fetch or go on a lunchtime stroll with her human coworkers. Lola’s joyful spirit is infectious, and she has an uncanny ability to lift the mood of even the most stressful workday. Her friendly nature and willingness to greet anyone who walks through the door makes her a beloved member of the office family.



Tetley travelled all the way from Australia to be with us and definitely brings a positive and loveable aura to the office! He loves a good cuddle with our team and always has a smile on his face (Especially if a snack is involved!). On his lunch break Tetley enjoys stretching his legs for a walk around the beautiful farm surroundings of our YSA office where he is well known by the local community here.